Financial Options:

Thank you for choosing Dr Michael Clausius' dental practice. We strive to maintain the best quality and comprehensive dental care available. We work hard to make your dental treatment as affordable as possible and help you understand your treatment needs and financial responsibilities. We offer several payment options and have the following financial policy in place.

Payment Options:
Cash,  Check,  Visa,  MasterCard,  Discover

CareCredit  -  This is a third party, no interest financing. Applications for this program are available  online  at  or applications can be obtained from our office.

We offer a 5% discount to those patients with $1000 of treatment or more and without insurance, for cash or check payment in full at time of service. Seniors in a similar situation receive a 5% discount.

Patients fortunate enough to have dental insurance benefits are required to pay their estimated patient portion at time of service. A flex plan is not considered insurance and will be used as a credit card.

Ultimately, you are responsible for payment of all dental treatment fees for yourself, spouse and dependents. Please notify us if your family circumstances change, your insurance plan changes, group numbers change, or any other insurance change occurs. We cannot be responsible for tracking a change in your plan or family situation. Insurance companies have specific rules when it comes to parent and step parent relationships and who is responsible for the child's coverage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We strive for comfortable, affordable, quality dentistry for the entire family. If you want this kind of dedication please call.


Patients with Dental Insurance Benefits:

As a courtesy to our patients, we are happy to assist you in obtaining your maximum insurance benefits. We will do our best to "estimate" your insurance coverage with the information provided to us. You are responsible for knowing your plan's deductibles, yearly maximums, limitations and waiting periods, although we will try to help you out with these factors. We accept many different insurance plans and they all have limitations and exclusions which ultimately affect your out of pocket expense. Our goal is to provide you with the best dental care for your individual needs, not to match dental treatment with what the insurance plan covers. Insurance coverage is a benefit to help you pay for dental work, not a pay all for what is best for the individual person. In fact, most insurance companies cover the cheapest treatment in order for them to keep their premiums low. We look out for you and your needs; they tend to look out for themselves.

Our office is happy to help you with your insurance benefit and will gladly verify what your particular coverage is with you insurance company. Please remember, you are responsible for deductibles and any expense not covered by your insurance policy at the time of treatment. Please note that if you have been to another dentist or specialist during the course of a year, this may alter your final payment to us. We will not be held responsible for tracking those services. If by chance your insurance company does not pay for services within 60 days from the date of service, the balance is due from you. You may then receive reimbursement if your insurance company does pay.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies actually pay less than what was initially expected, even though treatment coverage is verified. The benefits paid are determined by how much your employer pays for premiums. We are happy to submit additional claims for you and help you receive your benefits, however, please know that we cannot take on the responsibility for collecting your benefits or negotiating benefits that are disputed. Click HERE for some insurance facts.

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Appointment Guidelines that lead to Exceptional Service:

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our patients and are happy to reserve an appointment time for you. However, please realize that when patients fail or show up late for an appointment or cancel a reserved appointment on short notice, several things may happen. First, your treatment is prolonged, which can in some cases, further complicate your oral health. Second, another patient waiting for needed dental care cannot be seen because we did not have adequate time to make the necessary arrangements for them. Thirdly, the broken appointment affects the hygienist and/or the doctor who have prepared for your visit. That causes unhappiness and additional costs for our patients and the office.

In order to meet the scheduling requests of all of our patients, we have established guidelines regarding appointment scheduling. We kindly ask that patients give us, at the very least, a 24 hour business day notice for changed appointments; otherwise a $40.00 minimum fee may be assessed. The length of time set aside and the number of prior failed appointments determines your final charge. We reserved the right NOT to offer further appointment times to patients who have a history of failed scheduled appointments without having given us proper notice.

We truly understand that occasionally unforeseen situations arise which require you to reschedule your set aside time. Those situations will be taken into consideration and assessed by the doctor. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to ask any of us and we will be more than glad to assist you.

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New Patient Information:

We look forward to meeting you at your first visit with us. For your convenience we have provided all the forms you will need to fill out before your fist visit. You may fill out the forms on the computer or print them and fill them out in ink. We ask that you fill in each of the forms below and bring them with you for your first visit. If you have any questions please give our office a call and we can answer any questions about your appointment.

If you have dental insurance, please include on the form your group number and the subscriber's birth date and policy number/social security number. Please bring with you a copy of your insurance card. This usually can be downloaded from your insurance company site.

Patient Medical History
Patient Registration
HIPAA Privacy Forms
Our Privacy Practices

The printable forms are available in Adobe PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader 7.0 and above to view, electronically complete and print these files. If you do not have Adobe Reader 7.0 or above, you may click here to download the most recent installer.

Thank you for choosing Dr. Clausius we look forward to seeing you.

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